In the months leading up to 2017 God began to stir in our hearts a new direction for this ministry. Something that we had never expected, nor ever dreamed up before. It meant expanding our borders and letting go of what we had envisioned for an even greater calling.

All women.

For the last ten years we have devoted our hearts and lives to teen girl's ministry but as we look to the future God is asking us to venture in to new waters. At the heart of it we truly believe that the idea of "Living Head Over Heels" is a mantra to live our lives by. It is deciding beforehand not to be swayed by anything but the Word of God and what He requires of us, despite the many voices that try to creep into our minds. And this is not just for teen girls (even though we still love them with our whole hearts). This kind of living is for everybody and especially every female-body as we are women who believe in empowering other women.

So take the journey with us. We don't know what it will look like in the end but we can guarantee that it will be worth the leap of faith.

2017 is our year to get back to the basics and devote every part of our lives to what God wills. Our time, security, purpose, finances, emotions... everything. We are leaping into the Word like never before with a 365-Day Chronological Reading of the Bible accompanied with our thoughts and prayers on Facebook, along with holding true to girl's weekends for all ages, blogging, Leader Retreats (now open for women who serve in any ministry), and keeping up with one of our oldest tried-and-true habits of using What-The-What to combat all of the craziness life throws our way. 

It's going to be new, and it's going to be beautiful.